Teacher Depot Helps Educators With School Supplies

         Hundreds of teachers lined the halls of the Teacher Supply Depot this morning, wanting to make sure they got enough school supplies to carry them through the first half of the school year.
         "We have been able to give more materials than we have been able to previously and not set limits on things. Everybody, whether they shopped at 8:30 or whether they are going to shop at 12:30 and still have the same opportunity for the same types of items," said Sherrie Ford, President of the Hamilton County PTA.
         Kindergarten teacher Alicia Horton says the Depot is an invaluable tool for getting kids the education they need
         "Teachers spend a lot of money on their classrooms, especially where I teach, not a lot of students can afford to always buy school supplies," said Horton, a teacher at Orchard Knob Elementary School.
         Horton says she saved more than 200 dollars thanks to her trip to the depot, but it will likely take a return trip to keep her classroom stocked for a whole year.

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