Teachers gain access to COVID vaccine in Jackson County

SCOTTSBORO, Alabama- “We did not think that in this area we are going to be able to receive the vaccine, there have been some delay,” said Reyes.

Scottsboro City Schools Superintendent Jose Reyes said there have been a lot of up and down emotions about if his staff would be able to receive the vaccine early.

”Once that edict had been put out that we were included we hope you’re going to be a part of that. It didn’t look like we were going to have that opportunity. So we were a little disappointed than that disappointment Change to elation when I got the phone call from the local health agencies that we were going to be able to be a part of that,” said Reyes. 

He said Jackson County had a delay in vaccines but then last week Highland Medical Center gave him good news.

“Then I received an additional call Thursday morning that said we were getting additional vaccines and we were able to Thursday afternoon and then Friday all day we were able to send our people there. So we were fortunate that Wednesday Thursday and Friday of last week we were able to get those who wanted to be vaccinated, they had that opportunity,” said Reyes. 

Reyes said over half of those teachers and staff members who have responded say they have received or will receive the COVID vaccine.

”So 229 out of 300 have responded and 52% have indicated that they will be getting the vaccine. With even 50% doing it that certainly will assist us in keeping teachers in the classroom and keeping them safe,” said Reyes. 

Vaccination is a big step to getting education back to normal Reyes says contact tracing  is still in effect, even for those vaccinated.

“If they’ve been exposed to somebody who is positive then we still have to follow our protocols at this time which is a 10 day period where they will not be able to return to work. It’s really not going to help us much in terms of keeping teachers in the classroom at this point as long as the contact tracing piece is still applicable,” said Reyes. 

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