How Do Teachers in Georgia Feel About in Class Learning?

WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF)- Weeks into the new school year, are teachers in Georgia vulnerable?

“I have talked to people from North Georgia, to South Georgia, to East Georgia where we know educators have become ill” said President of the Georgia Association of Educators Lisa Morgan.

Morgan said wearing masks along with keeping teachers and parents informed are major issues, “Issues with transparency and just being honest about the actual number of cases and the actual number of people quarantined in buildings.”

Walker County Schools Superintendent Damon Raines says his school district has been transparent giving up to date coronavirus information to the public,”We do unofficial contact tracing anytime there is a confirmed case and then when we do a school messenger call with every parent within that school letting them know that there is a case that has been confirmed.”

Morgan believes more needs to be done, “I think virtual learning is a huge piece of the solution.”

Over 2 thousand students are learning remotely in Walker County but Raines said virtual classes has its own set of problems, “When the students are in person they definitely control all the variables and I’m speaking as a teacher myself on how frustrating that would be -knowing that I can’t just walk over and tap a student on the shoulder.”

“If the educator is in the building and they become ill, there is a high possibility they may transfer that to their own families” said Morgan.

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