TECH BYTE: App Helps Musicians Learn Favorite Songs

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Every musician loves playing songs by their favorite artist.

But hunting down music and lessons online can be a big pain.

One smartphone app is fixing that.

Guitar players, rejoice! You can learn to play virtually any song you want with the Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs app.

This website and app is an entire library of chords, tabs, and lyrics right at your fingertips.

Just search for your favorite artist or band, and pick the song you want.

Once you choose your song, you have the options for guitar tablature, or just the chord progression with lyrics.

If you’re still learning, there’s even a “simplify” button so you can get to the main chords, and still play the song you want.

You can even learn the basics before scrolling through their library.

Ultimate Guitar also offers full guitar courses, so you can master your instrument inside and out.

A lite version of the app is free with ads, or about $40 a year for the Pro version.

Even though it’s in the name, this app isn’t just for guitar!

Depending on the song, there are options for piano, bass, and even ukulele.

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