TECH BYTE: Apps to Help Keep You Safe

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Safety is a top priority for most people, so why not let your phone help give you some peace of mind?

If you’re not comfortable having a gun or pepper spray with you, your phone can help if you get into a sticky situation.

Feel safer at home or on the go with the Citizen: Connect and Stay Safe app.

It gives you real-time safety alerts, and live video of any incidents nearby.

Anyone with the app can report something bad happening to help protect others in the area.

You can even use Citizen’s Safety Map to let you know if you have any loved ones close to something dangerous too.

Noonlight is another safety app that’s good to have.

App creators say to use it if you’re ever unsure if a situation is dangerous enough to call 911.

Noonlight can get you emergency help to your exact location with just a button.

If you feel unsafe, just open up the app, and hold the button. When you get to a safe place, release it, and enter a four-digit pin number.

If you don’t put in that number, Noonlight will call local police with your location.

And if you can’t talk in an emergency, the app also lets you text to communicate with dispatchers 24/7 if you need help.

If you use dating apps to get together with someone new, Noonlight even works with Tinder, so you can share who you’re meeting up with, and where as a precaution.

You don’t necessarily have to have a scanner to keep up with local law enforcement agencies, and fire departments.

The Police Scanner Radio & Fire app lets you keep up with events involving first responders as they’re happening.

It’s basically a portable scanner you can bring anywhere you go, since it’s on your phone.

The app lets you access thousands of scanners from all over the world, and new ones are always being added.

It’s easy to star your favorites, and follow along with the scanners closest to you.

If you’re driving, the Police Scanner Radio & Fire app is even supported by Apple CarPlay.

That way you can stay in the loop, and still be safe behind the wheel.

As great as these apps are, if you’re ever in a real emergency, don’t waste any time. Immediately call 911.

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