TECH BYTE: Best Tech Products for Watching Super Bowl

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Most of us can’t afford those pricey tickets to go to the Super Bowl game in person.

It’s actually cheaper to just buy a new TV.

So if you host a Super Bowl party, it’s no surprise your TV is the main attraction.

“We’ve got a wide variety for any size room,” said Tom Huskin, Best Buy. “The most popular is around a 42 to 46-inch television, and then some splurge for the 75 to 85. Our biggest seller is probably the 60 to 65-inch range.”

You want to make sure you get the right one.

Huskin says their top three brands – Samsung, LG and Sony – help turn your family room into a home theater.

They also have several different types of TVs – from LEDs to ULEDs.

“Ultra LEDs, which is a different type of screen, is extremely thin,” Huskin said. “It’s thinner than your average cell phone, but puts out a great array of colors. HDR is another option on some of the televisions. It gives you a brighter color palette. Think back to your box of crayons, you may have had two different shades of red, well now you’ve got 16 shades of red.”

Huskin says the prices vary from $400 to $4,000, depending on the size, and how good you want the picture to look.

With so many options, it can be overwhelming. What’s the best one to get, while still affordable?

“The first thing we ask is, how far are you going to be sitting away from the television, so we can really scale the TV to the size of the room,” he said. “You don’t want to have that tennis court effect, where your head’s watching back and forth across the screen. It can cause a lot of fatigue. But that 65-inch range is usually where we start, if you’ve got the room to accommodate that, approximately 10 feet back from the screen.”

Now that you have a TV in mind, you can’t forget surround sound.

Huskin says these high quality TVs have a great picture, but since they’re so thin, they don’t always produce the best sound.

“By going with added sound to it, you can get something as simple and less intrusive like a sound bar, which gives you great all around sound,” he said. “We have home theater in boxes, which is basically a receiver and four speakers that move the sound around the room, and then we can go into component systems, where you can put up to 12 and 15 speakers in a room for a complete home audio home theater sound.”

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping – make sure you’re finding the right tech products that fit well in your home.

It all comes down to the size.

“When they’re advertised here in our showroom, they look a little bit larger, and once they get home they tend to swell is what we tend to say, but really just take a few measurements, so it doesn’t overpower your wall,” Huskin said.

Before you even buy anything, Huskin says Best Buy offers a free consultation.

They’ll measure your room, look at the lighting and acoustics, and recommend the products that work best for your home.

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