TECH BYTE: Board Games Go High Tech

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Not everyone likes playing games solely on their computer or cell phone.

There are plenty of people who still enjoy traditional board games.

Now there are some that give players the best of both worlds.

A little bit of old school, and a little bit of tech.

That’s a great way to describe the Outsmarted! and Stop Thief! board games.

Both pair with your smartphone or tablet, but you can still make it hands on, and play with physical game pieces.

Outsmarted! is great if you like trivia.

It has 6,500+ multi-media rich questions with pictures, song clips, and video.

And if those aren’t enough, you can even buy more categories for those questions – like Harry Potter, Friends, or the 1980s.

Outsmarted! is also the world’s first board game with remote play, so your friends and family can join in from anywhere!

It can also adjust difficulty by age, so anyone in the family can win.

The game is frequently updated with new content, and the breaking news category is updated daily.

Restoration Games restored the 1979 Parker Brothers classic Stop Thief!.

The game company says it’s one of the first games to use electronics to drive gameplay, and one of the first to use hidden movement.

Stop Thief! on the Restoration Games app has plenty of sound effects, cluing you into where the thief is hiding as they move around the board.

You do need the smartphone app to play the game.

You can learn more information here.

As for Outsmarted!, it’s also coming live to TikTok soon.

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