TECH BYTE: Chat GPT Takes Internet by Storm

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Artificial intelligence may be the future, but we’re already seeing a lot more of it right now.

Computers are getting too smart for our own good.

Artificial intelligence research and development company Open AI has created this new Chat GPT software.

“I personally feel that it is integral for students to actually understand how these technologies work and how to approach and utilize them,” said Leelila Strogov, AtomicMind.

This high-tech language model can pull from existing data and sources to answer any questions you ask it.

“Outsourcing the boring, the repetitive, and the obvious to a computer and leaving yourself to the truly creative, the truly original,” Strogov said.

Chat GPT is kind of like a Google search engine, but it can do even more.

It can solve engineering coding issues, tell you what songs and poems mean, and even write an essay for you.

“So, for some departments it’s going to be a very exciting time,” said Dr. Victoria Bryan, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. “It’s going to be what we’ve finally been working on is finally coming to fruition. For some departments there is just an existential dread for how we assess student learning.”

Chat GPT has some of those educators concerned, because it can make it easier for students to cheat.

Some school districts like Hamilton County Schools in East Tennessee have already blocked the program on school computers until they can conduct more research on it.

Others aren’t as worried. They’ll just have to make some adjustments in the classroom.

“If a company can use AI technology, and cost them 40 bucks a month, or whatever it’s going to end up costing them to produce copy, why would they hire a person? Then our challenge in higher education is going to be teaching students skills that make them valuable above and beyond what a machine can do,” Bryan said.

For teachers who are still concerned about the software, Open AI has also created a plagiarism tool they can use to check students’ work.

Anyone can create a Chat GPT account.

Just go to to get started.

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