TECH BYTE: EPB Working on Computing Upgrade

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — A new kind of computing is in the works, thanks to EPB and Qubitekk.

They’re teaming up to create the first commercially available quantum network in the U.S.

EPB says it’s designed for running equipment and applications in an established fiber optic environment.

Private companies, researchers, government agencies, and universities can all have access to the network.

It has a lot of potential.

“Quantum computing is important to our nation,” said Bob Corker, a former U.S. senator. “It’s not just important for people who are entrepreneurs. It is going to be front and center 20 years from now.”

EPB says the next great advancements will be powered by quantum technologies, and will be exponentially more advanced than even the fastest, smartest systems in place today.

So how does quantum computing work?

It uses advanced information storage called qubits.

These qubits work when a pair of light particles, or photons, can be linked together to communicate in an instant.

This increases computer speed, and can also improve cybersecurity, healthcare, and many other sectors.

“It’s a gift that keeps on giving,” said Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly.

EPB is based in Chattanooga, and has nearly 4,000 miles of fiber optic cable lines.

EPB and Qubitekk are already using the quantum network to communicate between two different equipment hubs.

Any companies or researchers who want to join it can do so as early as next summer.

They can go ahead and reserve their spot on the network now.

You can learn more about the project at

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