TECH BYTE: High Tech Tools Help Chefs Feed More People Faster

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Technology is transforming the kitchen at your favorite hotel or restaurant.

It’s making it easier for chefs to feed a lot more people in a shorter amount of time.

A mobile test kitchen is traveling throughout the southeast, showing chefs how some high tech cooking equipment works.

“Some of our restaurant equipment has connectivity, so where a Combi Oven can talk to a Blast Chiller, and a Blast Chiller can talk to a Combi Oven,” said Richard Bocian, Electrolux Professional Food Preparation. “That information can also go up to the cloud, and let a remote operator review recipes, build programs, or automate their process in the back of the house kitchen.”

Bocian says equipment like this can feed a lot of people very quickly, thanks to the technology in it.

“The cook chill system, the connectivity, where you can basically cook your product, blast chill it, get it down to a passive temperature quickly, fast and efficiently, and then bring it back up through rethermalization,” Bocian said. “The Combi Oven allows you to feed multiple people, like through banquets in a formalized setting.”

No need for a traditional panini maker – which can take 6 to 9 minutes for a sandwich – when you can use a SpeeDelight.

Bob Pires with Pro Rep Marketing says it makes it crispy on the outside, and fully cooked on the inside.

“When you bring it down, we can program what that sandwich is, the bread, the type of bread, how much meat, the type of meat, you bring that down, and anywhere from 90 to 120 seconds, we can give you an internal temperature that you can desire, and we can toast the outside of the bread very fast,” Pires said.

Hard copies of recipes are no longer needed in the kitchen with these devices.

“We’re able to download this, we’re able to upload menus,” Pires said. “If a guy has 20 stores, we can take that technology, we can download to it. Once we dial in the sandwiches, we plug it in to the USB, and boom. He has all of his menus at all of his restaurants.”

Bocian says chefs should step out of their comfort zone, and try some new technology, which can seem scary, but helps them do their jobs even better.

“What some of these pieces of equipment can do is almost beyond reality,” Bocian said. “It helps kitchens be more functional, faster, more operating. It also reduces stress in the kitchen, and that’s one of the leading factors of turnover and labor right now, is the struggle to keep a good employee.”

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