TECH BYTE: Hot Items You Need for School

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — School starts back soon, or it’s already in session for some places.

Best Buy’s Nathan Roach says you have a lot of options when it comes to tech to help you with your schoolwork.

No need to carry around both a laptop and tablet anymore, with two-in-one laptops.

“The Surface Pro is a fantastic unit, because it gives you the speed of a laptop, the power of a laptop, but you’re able to have it in extremely portable, small form that you can take with you. You can use it as a tablet too,” Roach said.

They come in handy for both online and in-person classes.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current laptop, Roach says you have plenty to choose from that are faster, lighter, and have better battery life.

“When you’re looking at getting a new laptop, of course there’s lots of things you need to look at,” he said. “One, which course of study, or what school you’re going to, what degree you’re going into to really understand what your needs are. You also want to look at battery life, you want to look at speed, and really just features of the laptop to make sure it’s going to be something that you’re going to be able to use throughout your entire school career, whether it be elementary school or college.”

If you don’t need a laptop, but still need a portable computer, a tablet alone works just as well.

“A few years back, tablets really didn’t have the speed to be able to be used for school or classes or things like that,” Roach said. “Now there’s a ton of options out there, including some like the iPad Pro, which is a 12.9 inch screen that students can really do all of their classwork, you know, any of the schoolwork, anything that they need to do on it.”

You’ll also need a special kind of backpack to hold and protect your laptop and other tech items when you’re not using them.

“It gives you multiple pockets. It’s an easy way to stay organized. And then, of course, you don’t have to carry all of your books like you used to back in the old days, so you can carry everything on one tablet or computer.”

And they seem less high tech, but calculators are also a must on your school supply list.

“Most of your advanced math classes do require some type of calculator, like a TI-83, so always check with your syllabus before you buy one, just to make sure you know exactly what you need to get,” he said.

Roach says to check out their student deals, just go to

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