TECH BYTE: Machine Takes More In-Depth Eye Screenings

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — You don’t have to dread a trip to the eye doctor anymore.

Thanks to new technology, you don’t necessarily have to have your eyes dilated.

Optometrists are using the Optos Daytona machine to keep an eye – literally – on your eye health.

“It allows us to capture a lot of information within somebody’s eye,” said Dr. Joshua Crowder, optometrist/owner of Crowder Eye Center. “It gives us very detailed imaging of the eyes.”

Dr. Crowder says the machine takes an optomap image, making it more convenient for patients having to get a routine exam.

Often times, their eyes don’t even have to be dilated.

“A lot of my patients love the technology because they can get their eyes examined, we perform the scan,” Crowder said. “I’ll review the scan with them in the exam room, and then they can leave and they don’t have any of the blurred vision, or light sensitivity that’s often times associated with just having your eyes dilated.”

The machine takes a picture of the entire eye to see if there are any issues.

“It goes up to like 220 degrees of the back of the eye. It’s really amazing technology,” he said.

Dr. Crowder says this machine has been around for several years, but the technology continues to grow. It gets more detailed images of the eye with higher resolution pictures.

An exam like this not only focuses on your eyes – it can find other potential health issues, as well.

“It allows us to take these very detailed images of the back of the eye, which allows us to monitor, make sure that condition or that problem is not progressing,” Crowder said. “And then we have other people who may not have a known eye condition, but may be diabetic, or have high blood pressure, or maybe just have a family history of a specific eye disease or condition, and this technology allows us to get a very detailed look inside the eye, allow us to detect those problems before they become a problem.”

Just one exam can tell a lot about your overall health.

“They call the eye the window to the soul, and it’s certainly the window to the general overall health, you know, if somebody is hypertensive or diabetic, it can cause problems within their eyes. It can be detected from an eye examination. Any neurological conditions – Parkinson’s or MS can often times be detected, some sort of neurological problems happening within the eye. Every day do we find something to reveal some medical health issues that need to be addressed.”

Dr. Crowder says the Optos Daytona machine allows patients to be more involved in their eye care.

He sees more optometrists getting these types of machines as the technology evolves.

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