TECH BYTE: Meet with a Doctor Virtually

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Not everyone is comfortable going to a doctor’s office right now if they don’t have a big medical issue.

But using a smartphone or computer can make it more convenient than ever.

“It’s just another way that we can bring healthcare to our customers, and they can do it in the safety of their own home at a time that is convenient for them,” said Mickey Blazer, Food City.

You no longer have to see a doctor in person as often as you used to.

More telehealth services are available, thanks to a partnership between Food City and Reliant Immune Diagnostics.

“It’s a telehealth service that allows our customers to connect with a licensed physician 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Blazer said.

All you have to do is go to Google Play or the Apple app store to download the MDBox app.

“And at that point, they would be asked a series of questions,” he said. “Then they would be based on their symptoms, they would be connected with a physician that is licensed in the state.”

Blazer says you don’t even need to be a Food City member to use the app.

“However, if they do put in a promotional code of ‘Food City,’ they will get $10 off of their first visit.”

Each visit is $39.

You can see a doctor through the app over a range of issues – from COVID-19, to allergy and even pink eye symptoms.

“You know, a lot of times our patients come to the pharmacy, and they ask our pharmacists what’s the best medication to take over the counter for a particular ailment that they have, and many times, our pharmacists have to tell them, ‘Well, you may need to go and see a physician to get you a prescription.’ And this way, this will be able to offer them access to a physician, and not have to go wait in a crowded waiting room, or wait for an appointment,” Blazer said.

MDBox isn’t your only option if you want to see a doctor virtually. There are several other apps you can use – like PlushCare, and Teladoc.

If you don’t want to necessarily use a smartphone app, you can talk to a doctor toll-free by phone, or online at

If you have an iPhone, the Teladoc app also works with Apple HealthKit, which you should already have on your phone.

Your most recent medical information, like blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate will transfer over to Teladoc.

The Zocdoc app also helps you find and book local doctors.

Check out reviews from other patients to see which physician is right for you. Then choose between an online video chat, or head to their office in person.

You can also scan your insurance card, and find doctors who match.

And, of course, if a prescription is needed after your visit, most of these services can send everything over to your pharmacy for easy pickup.

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