TECH BYTE: More Features of iOS 16

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Apple’s latest software update – iOS 16 – comes out this fall, and it can’t get here soon enough.

We’ll see the biggest changes ever to the Lock Screen, and improvements to make texting and e-mailing even easier.

If you’re used to taking a lot of pictures at family get togethers, iOS 16 will make it easier to share them.

The iCloud Shared Photo Library lets families access a separate iCloud library, up to six people can use, for adding photos.

Users can share existing pictures from their personal libraries, or share based on a start date, or people in the photos.

You can even automatically send pictures to the Shared Library using a new toggle in the Camera app.

People with access to this library can add, edit, favorite, or delete pictures in it.

And speaking of friends and family, another new feature with this software update lets you share certain websites with them in shared Tab Groups on Safari.

You can add tabs to “keep tabs” on what they’re viewing.

Safari will also have passkeys, which will replace passwords.

Passkeys use Touch ID or Face ID encryption, working across apps and online.

The unique digital keys are more secure. Apple says hackers can’t steal them, or trick users into sharing them.

iOS 16 will also have a new privacy tool called Safety Check.

Apple says this benefits anyone whose safety is at risk from domestic violence, by quickly removing all access they’ve granted to others.

This emergency reset helps users easily sign out of iCloud on all of their devices, reset privacy permissions, and limit messaging.

To take advantage of this new iOS 16 software update, you need at least an iPhone 8 or newer model.

You can learn more about these new features here.


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