TECH BYTE: Pods Make Breast Feeding Convenient for New Moms

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Technology is taking away the pain of pumping – for new moms that is.

That’s why more Mamava Lactation Pods are popping up across the country.

They’re designed for nursing mothers on the go.

They give moms a chance to nurse their baby, or pump in a place that’s private.

“It just takes a lot of the anxiety out of where am I going to go? How am I going to get this done?” said Paula Connor, a nurse and lactation consultant with Erlanger Health System. “Especially in the hospital, you’re able to take care of your baby, but also make sure you’re able to be there for your patients.”

Connor says you can only access this pod using the free Mamava smartphone app.

“You put in a code, and it allows you to have access into it, so that you can have private access, and privacy while you nurse your baby,” she said.

It’s big enough to accommodate a stroller, and includes a fold-down table for a breast pump.

The unit even has electrical and USB outlets so moms can charge their phone or iPad while pumping.

The dead-bolt lock on the outside of the pod shows if it’s being used.

“You have access to it for as long as you need,” Connor said. “When you’re done, you just walk away, because then it will just automatically lock. And so, if any new person is coming, then they would have to be coming up, and you are able to show on the outside that it’s occupied.”

The Mamava pods are located across the country. Many are in major airports. Just use the free app to see where they’re located.

The app also shows where feeding rooms are for new moms to access.

“Moms are traveling more, whether it’s driving, or flying, and more and more mothers are nursing their babies, or they’re pumping for their babies, because it is such a great way to provide the best nutrition, and so they need to have this opportunity to take care of their babies in a place where they feel more comfortable,” Connor said.

In addition to the app, you can also go to to see pod locations across the U.S.

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