TECH BYTE: How to Recycle Your Old Electronics

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — What do you do with that old cell phone you never use anymore, and can’t sell?

Don’t throw it away! Recycle it!

Best Buy’s Nathan Roach says you can recycle just about everything.

You can bring any tech products you want to get rid of into the store, or they can pick it up from your home, depending on what it is.

“There are some items that have up to a $25 charge, depending on it, but the majority of items are completely free to recycle,” Roach said.

And you don’t even have to purchase the items from Best Buy, to have them recycled there for you.

“We accept anybody’s electronics,” he said. “We are actually the largest electronics recycler in the world. We’ve actually recycle 1.7 billion pounds since 2009, and it gives customers a quick, easy way to be able to recycle their old electronics.”

Roach says it’s best to make the most of your old gadgets you don’t want anymore, instead of leaving them in a drawer, or having them sit around the house.

“We take a lot of the components out of the recycled items. We reuse glass for things like watches, other components, and it’s doing it responsibly in the right way.”

Roach says even though Best Buy’s recycling program is separate from Apple’s, they still take Apple products if you’re looking to get that old iPhone off your hands.

“We actually have bins that are located at the front of the store that you can drop off smaller items, and then any of your larger items up to 50 inch flat panel TVs can be brought into the store, and then of course we can get larger items from your home.”

Roach says they don’t always have discounts for recycling at Best Buy, but they sometimes can give you some money back for it if they’re running a promotion.

“There comes a point that every item does not have a value with it, but a lot of items do, and you can actually bring in cell phones, computers, various items that we sell throughout the store,” Roach said. “You can bring it in, and we can tell you if it has a trade-in value. If it does, we’re able to give you a Best Buy gift card you can apply, and if it doesn’t, you can still recycle it, and it’s a win-win for everybody.”

And before you recycle anything, Roach says to make sure to completely clean off the memory from your gadgets to keep your data safe.

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