TECH BYTE: Smartphone App Helps Handle Your Lawn Care

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Your lawn care is getting more high tech.

There’s a smartphone app that helps you get that dreaded yardwork done.

Lawn Love Founder Jeremy Yamaguchi says it’s quick and easy to get on-demand yardwork done for your home.

“We’re similar in a lot of ways to something like an Uber, in that we are bringing seamless, modern push button convenience to the lawn and garden industry,” Yamaguchi said.

Lawn Love serves hundreds of thousands of customers across the country. It’s active in 120 cities across 38 states.

It helps you book services with a lawn care company in your area in just a couple of taps.

“You’d visit, or download our mobile app, and punch in your home address, and then the time it takes you to fill out a two minute form, we create a structured blueprint of your yard,” Yamaguchi said. “We measure everything from front, side, back lawn areas, to driveway length, move perimeter, all of that, and give you a quote in like two minutes without ever setting foot on your property.”

Yamaguchi says they do more than just cut grass.

“We started with just lawn care, and we’ve now expanded into most of the ancillary services around everything that grows outside your home,” he said. “As we talked to more and more of our customers, we heard them repeatedly say that they didn’t just want mowing, blowing, and maintenance services, they wanted fertilization, weed control, cleanups, gutter cleaning.”

He says they like to help smaller lawn and garden companies with their marketing, office work, and tech, so they can focus on what they’re good at.

“When we show up and partner with folks in each of our geographies, we start bringing them a ton of new customer demand, so they’re spending less time hanging door hangers, trying to drum up new business, and then we give them things like job clustering and routing optimization tools, so they’re creating much denser routes, they’re operating more efficiently, we help them get paid quicker, we handle all the back office work around running the businesses, and in essence we’re democratizing kind’ve software and technology leverage that has historically only been available to huge industry players,” Yamaguchi said.

Again, you can use the free Lawn Love smartphone app, go to, or call them directly for a quote.

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