TECH BYTE: Top Apps for Playing Music

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — It’s the most wondering time of the year for music!

You’re probably already listening to those holiday tunes.

And there are plenty of streaming services to handle whatever music you want to listen to.

Spotify is a great app to help you find new music, or just listen to what you already know.

It lets you save songs to access anytime, make playlists, and follow your favorite artists.

Spotify even gives you a playlist of new releases, and songs it thinks you’ll like.

You do have to pay for the Premium version of the app, but you can save money if you’re a student, or get a family account for multiple people.

The Pandora app is also a good one to have for discovering new music. In the free version, you do have to deal with commercials and ads, but you get used to it.

Just select what type of music you want to listen to, or search a particular artist. The app will play their songs, along with similar ones by other artists.

If you like a song, give it a thumbs up. If you don’t, a thumbs down. The more you do that, the better the app gets at playing the songs you enjoy listening to.

Another great music app to have is Shazam.

If you hear a song you like, say, when you’re out Christmas shopping, and you don’t know who the artist is, just touch your screen, wait a few seconds, and it’ll tell you the name of the song, and who sings it.

Shazam is great for building your music playlist. It saves all of the songs you’ve shazamed before, and shows you what’s trending.

If you have Spotify, Shazam can even connect you to it, so you can play your newly discovered song in that app.

It’ll also direct you to iTunes if you want to actually buy it.

There’s also Apple Music and Amazon Music.

But if you like listening to a particular radio station, the app is for you.

It gives you access to stations all across the country, and you don’t have to worry about getting a bad signal.

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