TECH BYTE: Top Google Searches of 2022

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — You can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their computer – including what they look up online.

We Americans are curious people, and Google makes it easy to look up whatever we want in seconds.

The top search in the U.S. this year? “Wordle!”

We’ve done a Tech Byte segment on this addicting online game before, where you get six tries to guess the Word of the Day.

In second place after Wordle was “Election results.”

That’s not surprising, with so many hotly contested political races across the country this year – many of them neck and neck.

“Election results” was also the top News search on Google this year.

“Queen Elizabeth passing” was right behind it.

“Ukraine,” “Powerball numbers,” and “Hurricane Ian” followed at three, four, and five.

The top person in Google’s search engine was “Johnny Depp.”

Likely because of his high-profile defamation trial against ex-wife “Amber Heard.”

She actually made number three on the list.

“Will Smith” was number two after infamously slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Many Americans also wanted some confirmation on how to pronounce certain words.

The top search there was “How to pronounce Qatar?” Or is it cutter? Hmmm…

Number two – “How to pronounce Kyiv?”

Then “How to pronounce puzzle?” was the third top search.

I thought that one was pretty self-explanatory.

As for the most popular searches for “Near me?”

Number one, of course, was “Gas prices near me.”

That one’s not a surprise, given inflation and higher gas prices this year.

“At home COVID test near me” came in second, with “Voting near me,” and “Early voting near me” at three and four.

A lot of Americans also searched how to help the people over in Ukraine – whether it was refugees, or the Ukrainian army.

Google also posts what’s trending each day. Just go to


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