TECH BYTE: Twitter Launches Subscription Service

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — If you love using Twitter, there’s a new subscription service you can start using, and it comes with some perks.

Here’s something to tweet about – Twitter Blue is now available in the U.S.!

So what’s so great about this new subscription service? To start, you can finally undo tweets.

All Twitter users will likely admit that at some point they’ve sent out a tweet, found a typo, then had to delete their tweet and repost it.

With Twitter Blue, you can simply edit the tweet right on the spot. No deleting needed.

The subscription service also lets you read threads more easily, and you can read articles without ads.

Plus, you have easy access to the most shared articles in your network.

Twitter Blue lets users customize their experience more, with access to exclusive app icons and color themes.

The social media site says you’ll even be able to upload and tweet videos up to 10 minutes long if you’re on a computer.

The good news is the subscription service is fairly cheap compared to others.

Taking advantage of these new features will cost you about $3 a month.

Just click on Twitter Blue in your profile menu, and follow the steps to sign up.

The service also recently launched in New Zealand.

It became available in Australia and Canada earlier this year.

If you decide to subscribe, you can follow @TwitterBlue for a heads up on new features, and to get support.

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