TECH BYTE: Use Tech to Help Cook Your Thanksgiving Meal

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Preparing your Thanksgiving meal doesn’t have to be stressful.

If your job is to take care of all the cooking, a smart oven can help you out. It makes it easy to multitask.

Best Buy’s Nathan Roach says all you need is your smartphone.

“That gives you options to not only be able to preheat the oven, turn it on and off, even have predefined settings,” Roach said. “For example, if you wanted to cook salmon, you’re able to go in and actually put in the predefined settings, it will set your heat for you, tell you which rack to put it on, and it really makes it super easy so you can’t mess it up.”

A smart oven can give you access to your recipes, right at your fingertips.

“You can plug in what you want to make on there,” he said. It’ll tell you how to do it. It really just simplifies everything.”

Roach says Instant Pots are a good go-to for making an easy dish your family and friends will love.

“You’re able to actually control them with your phone or tablet, so you set your food in there, and then when you’re ready to go ahead and get it started, you can simply just go to your phone or tablet and start it right from there.”

Another device you can use to make more of a fancier meal is a sous vide.

Roach says a lot of high end restaurants use it to make steak, chicken, or fish.

“It’s actually a device that you’ll put into a pot or kettle of some type, and you’ll actually be able to cook the meat or vegetables, whatever it may be, and that’s another device that is connected through your WiFi, and you’ll be able to control it through your phone or tablet, and start it at your convenience.”

You can always use a voice assistant like a Google Home or Amazon Alexa to help with your cooking too – like turning on the oven.

The Google Home Hub and Alexa Echo Show can also help with finding recipes.

“They have hands-free access to recipes, really whatever they need right then and there, and they don’t have to use their hands,” Roach said.

Best Buy’s Black Friday sale is already underway. Roach says appliances are up to 40 percent off until December 5.


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