Teen Driver Safety This Summer

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Close to 3000 American teenagers will die on our roads this year.
Another quarter of a million will end up needing treatment in emergency rooms.

Years of CDC research show one common denominator.

Dr. Erin K. Sauber-Schatz, CDC Transportation Safety,"Teens and young adults have the highest percentage of not wearing their seatbelt so really parents working with their teens and making sure they are buckling up is a key factor to help prevent injuries and death in a crash".

Kaylee Cook, one of Chattanooga’s youngest teen drivers says all her friends want to pass their tests this summer.

"I am almost 16 and so i have been driving with my permit it’s good having your permit but you also have your parents there for guidance but it’s good i love it, i love driving."

Mom feels Kaylee is a safe driver thanks to a good driver’s ed program.

Missi Shelton, Kaylee’s Mom,"Everybody was asking me as an insurance agent do you do it for the discount, no, you do it for the peace of mind knowing your kids have that better advantage on being a good driver".

At Haman’s driving school at North Gate Mall they are very busy, with more than 30 students at a time taking driver’s ed classes.

Raymond Scott, VP, Haman’s New Drivers,"Probably inattention is one of the primary concerns that parents should be on the look out for, texting, driving with too many friends in the car, definitely many distractions".

Drivers aged 15-24 represent only 14% of the US population but account for nearly 1/3rd of our wrecks.

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