Hot temperatures arrive in Hamilton County

Hamilton County, Tenn. (WDEF) – With excessive hot temperatures in the Hamilton County area this week, Hamilton County Emergency Management is urging residents to stay safe.

Hot temperatures and high humidity may combine to create a dangerous situation in which heat-related illnesses are possible.

“This weather can be dangerous” said Director Tony Reavley with Hamilton County Emergency Management. “It is important for residents to take care in the heat by increasing their fluid intake and reducing their outdoor activities.” said Reavley.

Hamilton County residents are encouraged to remember these tips for keeping safe in extreme heat.

  • Drink 1 to ½ quarts of fluid daily to prevent dehydration. Water and sports drinks are the best choices. Avoid alcohol and caffeine because they dehydrate the body.
  • Wear light-colored, lightweight clothing. If you must go outside during the hottest part of the day, wear a hat.
  • Avoid overexertion and strenuous outdoor activities.
  • While outdoors, rest frequently in a shady area.
  • Never leave children, the elderly or pets in a parked car, not even for a few minutes. Brain damage or death can occur from the rapid rise of temperature inside the vehicle.
  • Make a special effort to check on neighbors, especially if they are seniors, families with young children, people with special needs or living alone.
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