Tenn-Am continues installing water pipe under Tennessee River

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Tennessee American Water is beginning the second phase of installing a 30-inch water pipe under the Tennessee River.

That project started in May and this week the company is excavating for a 60-inch tunnel under the river near the water plant on Amnicola Highway.

It will be the third – and largest pipe – designed to provide more water for the 20,000 residents of the North Shore, Red Bank and Signal Mountain.

It’s a $3.2 million project.

Except for when the workers are moving explosives in the area, the River Walk will remain open.

Daphne Kirksey with Tennessee American Water says, “Well, they are starting to dig here on our side of the plant, and then they are going to dig under the sidewalk and ..there will be a tunnel placed there, where they can connect the pipe that goes in the river to the pipe over here at the water plant.”

Tenn-Am expects to complete that project in December.

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