Tenn. Highway Patrol teams up with Chattanooga Police

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Tennessee Highway Patrol teamed up with the Chattanooga Police Department today to crack down on distracted drivers.

A THP TROOPER drove the tractor trailer while a CPD officer rode shotgun looking specifically for texting drivers.

Lt. John Harmon said ” We made a loop on the interstate, and in that time frame, uh just one hour loop we observed six people texting and driving and a couple of seatbelt violations….Distracted driving is just as dangerous as, or more dangerous than drunk driving. We don’t encourage anybody to drink and drive, but those that are drinking and driving, do have their eyes on the road. And when you’re distracted, and you’re utilizing your electronic device in your car, your eyes are not on the road. So you’re a danger to the public.”

The THP will be utilizing the truck for the rest of the week for both education and enforcement of distracted driver laws.

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