Tennessee American Water Completes Installation of New Valve

Chattanooga, TN – (WDEF) – Tennessee American Water completed the installation of a new 24-inch valve, which had earlier in the week caused pressure issues and water outages.

Because the valve could not be opened, it affected water flow to two of the water system’s pressure zones east of Missionary Ridge. This area included East Brainerd, East Ridge, Lakeview, Georgia, and Highway 58.

An emergency connection was put into service, providing a temporary pipe at the site of the broken valve. These measures were put into place to restore water service until the permanent repair was made.

“We appreciate the community’s understanding while we worked safely to make this repair,” said Director of Operations Kevin Kruchinski. “This new valve is one example of the infrastructure investments we make every day to make sure our drinking water system remains reliable. We know our customers are counting on it.”

For more information, visit the website www.tennesseeamwater.com.

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