Tennessee Aquarium Entering Partnership with Event Network

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The Tennessee Aquarium is entering into a partnership with an organization called: Event Network, to run its retail and concessions operations.

In January, some changes are coming, to the 27 year old Chattanooga iconic tourist attraction. Both food and beverage locations and three gift shops, in both Aquarium buildings and the IMAX, will be operated by an organization called, Event Network. They will also remodel all three gift shops.

Thom Benson, Tennessee Aquarium Communications Manager said, “Over the lifetime of this agreement, this partnership, we should be able to reinvest more in ourselves, so that goes for our infrastructure, our buildings, it goes to our conservation work in the field, and also to our educational programs, so in the long term, with the gift shops being redone, adding value to the – the agreement, that just benefits the Aquarium, it benefits the community because we can make sure that we’re the best that we can be.”

Part of the reason for the partnership is a stronger buying position and environmental sustainability, according to Benson.

“A lot of their products are sustain-ably sourced, they’re sustain-ably packaged, they have this large buying power, so they can influence some of those packaging decisions and make sure that the products that we’re providing are as green as possible – are as environmentally friendly as possible,” said Benson.

Event Network has lots of experience partnering with these type businesses. The Tennessee Aquarium is it’s 15th aquarium partnership.

Event Network has partnerships with over 100 aquariums, zoos, museums and tourist attractions all across the country. If you visit this aquarium in January, expect to see some changes.

“To the general public, you know, what they’re going to see – first part of next year, is brand new looking gift shops, because one of the factors of this partnership is, Event Network coming in and remodeling our gift shops, but the faces, many of them are going to be the same because, they hired the staff that is already in place,” said Benson.

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