Tennessee Aquarium helps steer southeastern conservation efforts for years to come

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) The Tennessee Aquarium has been working with the University of Georgia for the past year on a new study.

It will help direct conservation projects in the southeast for years to come.

The study looked at where animals lived and highlighted the 10 most diverse waterways in the southeast.

Of the 10, six of them are located right here in Tennessee.

Conservation Biologist Bernie Kuahajada told us, “a lot of your viewers may say why do I care about a little minnow that is this big but all of these different species these muscles these cray fishes they are a part of the building blocks of our echo systems the foundation and this aquatic ecosystem gives humans pretty much clean fresh water to drink they are food for all the bass and catfish and brim that people want to go out and catch.”

More than a quarter of the species included in the studies are found nowhere else in the world.

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