Tennessee Covid-19 school dashboard goes online

NASHVILLE (WDEF) – Tennessee’s online dashboard of Covid-19 cases in schools debuted on Thursday.

You can check it out here.

The goal is to give parents a once-a-week account of where Covid-19 cases are among students and staff.

“Tennessee has led the way in supporting districts for a safe return to school, opening classrooms for the new school year, and now providing the public with information around how COVID-19 may be impacting their school communities through a district-populated dashboard,” said Commissioner Penny Schwinn.

But the data isn’t all there yet.

About half of the state’s school systems have reported their cases so far.

The Department of Education does not expect to get full data until September 22nd.

Our survey today found that only Grundy County, Dayton City, and Etowah City schools had data broken down by schools.

Most in our area have system cases reported, but not broken down by schools









Hamilton County and Marion County have no data at all reported yet.

The Dashboard offers two ways to get the information.

One is a map view, which actually has better info now on school cases.  If you can find your school on the map, you will know if it has cases.

The data presented on this page reflects new positive COVID-19 cases for students and employees at public elementary and secondary schools, including public charter schools, in Tennessee. This data is self-reported by school districts and public charter schools to the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) on a weekly basis. 

The other is a drop-down menu.  You pick your school district and scroll down the page.

The page will first give you overall numbers for the District.

Then go further down the page to find the school info.  You will have to click on the + symbol next to the school you want.

There are two concessions to HIPPA privacy requirements here.  If a system or school has 5 or less cases, they will only post “less than five.”  And no schools with 50 or less students are included in the data.

Commissioner Schwinn adds “This dashboard strikes an important balance in protecting student privacy while providing parents, educators, and community members with information they need to make the best possible decisions for their families.”

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