Tennessee Highway Patrol fights litter in Dunlap

DUNLAP, Tennessee- Trash has been building up along roads and parks in Dunlap and Tennessee State Trooper Lt. John Harmon said it due to people littering and COVIDs impact.

“The litter program with the prisoners that used to pick it up on the side of the road, wasn’t allowed to go and pick that up because of COVID,” said Harmon.

Camber Director Janis Adams-Kyser said the Coops Creek walkway was covered with litter and overgrown brush and the community along with THP has come together to clean it up.

“We have a walkway along Coop’s Creek, that was just nasty-looking. We have 150-200 people walking the trail. People walk it and they throw their trash down and you know, drive safely and don’t be a little bug, and if you do, don’t do it in Dunlap,” said Kyser.

One of those volunteers was Shana Barnwell who said it’s not easy work, but it’s rewarding.

“I’ve got some cuts and bruises here from getting into the bush but it’s definitely worth it. It’s definitely worth it to get in and get dirty, our hair is messed up, we look a little bit messy but we’re definitely excited to be out here,” said Barnwell.

“They take pride in our community and they want to know where we’re going to go next,” said Kyser.

Kyser said so many companies in Sequatchie County have come together to help with this cleanup project. Barnwell said so many people working together creates a strong bond.

“Definitely build bonds here in the community. It builds but within our work environment and it builds bonds within the community,” said Barnwell.

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