Tennessee Legislators Campaign For More Confiscated Gun Auctions To Help Law Enforcement Budgets

EAST TN, (WDEF)-Marion County’s Sheriff Ronnie "Bo" Burnett,"It’s helped me financially we have bought vests and equipment for the officers, if I had to just keep the guns I don’t know where I would put them."

Marion County’s Sheriff Ronnie Bo Burnett has held two gun auctions after seizing more than a thousand guns last year.

Senate Bill 1103 will streamline the process for Tennessee law enforcement allowing them auction guns at least twice a year.

Rep. William Lamberth, District 44 (R),"May have been in possession of a felon, may have been utilized for crime, these are guns that have been forfeited to the court for disposal."

Shooter’s Depot feels the bill could help consumers.

John Martin owner of Shooter’s Depot Chattanooga,"Because they are going to be able to buy a weapon for less than market value it’s like going to an auction."

Martin’s concerned the gun auction money would not stay in the community.

John Martin, owner of Shooter’s Depot Chattanooga,"The issue is where the money goes, the state been wanting to prioritize it to go to Nashville and the local agencies been keeping it in their budget."

Legislators are confident the bill will become law.

Rep. Doug Overbey, District 2, (R),"Hope to be able to pass this bill in the Senate judiciary committee and put it then on the floor of the senate hopefully next week or the week after."

Officers and deputies would be restricted from bidding on the seized weapons.

The legislation could also see online or web auctions for the seized guns every six months.

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