Tennessee Senators Pay Tribute to Chattanooga Shootings

Washington D.C. (WDEF) The U.S. Senate reconvened on Tuesday for the first time since the Chattanooga shooting.

Senators Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander sponsored a resolution supporting the Chattanooga in their time of crisis.

And they shared its impact on the city. 

Sen. Lamar Alexander said "In Chattanooga, faith is strong. In Chattanooga the sense of helping one another is strong. Chattanooga is a place of good neighbors. Chattanooga was recently named the best big.. mid-sixe city in America. Everything in Chattanooga has been seen as going in the right direction, and then this. so it is especially heartbreaking in the city of Chattanooga."

Senator Bob Corker added "I’ve never seen such an outpouring of compassion any place in my life. "I’m proud to represent Tennessee. "I’m proud that my hometown has responded in the way that it has in spite of the deep mourning and grief that we have for these outstanding men who lost their lives in the line of duty. "

Senator Alexander concluded "I’m enormously impressed with the people of Chattanooga. With their current leaders, the Mayor, the governor, their Senator who is also their former Mayor. And I believe that Chattanooga will be strong and I believe it is important that we reflect here in the United States Senate how much we grieve with Chattanooga with not just the families, not just the people who knew the five. But as we honor the five, we honor the city and its response to this terrible tragedy."

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