How would Tennessee stack up against our neighbors with new gas tax?

NASHVILLE, Tenn (WDEF) Governor Bill Haslam on Wednesday proposed a 7 cent gas tax hike to pay for transportation needs.

He says it is the fairest way to tax all users of the roads to pay for road repairs.

The proposal comes as the state has enjoyed some of the lowest gas prices in years, but that run seems to be ending. is predicting the highest prices in 2017 that we’ve seen in the last three years.

But how would a Tennessee gallon of gas compare with ones you would find in Alabama or Georgia after the tax?

Today, according to the GasBuddy survey, Tennessee has an average price of $2.12 a gallon.

And it’s even lower in Chattanooga at $2.08.

Across the line in Georgia, the average price is $2.23 statewide and $2.19 in Dalton.

So to compare, we are charting today’s average gas price (including tax) and the current state tax according to the Federal of Tax Administrators.

TN $2.12 21.4 cents
AL $2.13 20 cents
GA $2.23 26.3 cents
NC $2.24 34.55 cents

Of course, we all pay 18.4 cents to the federal government for their tax cut

If you add another 7 cents to the Tennessee price today, we would still be cheaper than Georgia or North Carolina, but not Alabama.

Governor Haslam argues that Tennessee hasn’t raised the gas tax in a long time.

In fact, the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy finds that the 27 years since we raised the tax is one of the longest streaks in the nation.

Tennessee ranks 5th longest without a tax increase in their graph.


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