Tennessee Valley Artists Perform at Deadly Las Vegas Festival

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Two country music artists from the Tennessee Valley performed at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, where the deadly mass shooting happened in Las Vegas Sunday night.

Country music star Jason Aldean was finishing up his show, when gunfire rang out.

But Tennessee Valley natives Lauren Alaina had performed on Saturday, and Kane Brown was on stage just hours before the shooting.

“With a local artist like, you know Lauren Alania, Kane Brown, being there, performing the night before, this is a three day festival, it hit close to home,” said Daniel Wyatt, a radio host with Chattanooga country music station WUSY 101.

Both Lauren Alaina and Kane Brown tweeted about the tragedy.

Lauren tweeted Sunday night that she wouldn’t be sleeping, and that she would be praying for the people in Vegas.

“That crowd was one of the best I’ve played for all year,” she tweeted. “This news is devastating. My camp is home and safe.”

Brown tweeted a picture of himself on-stage at the festival, saying “Prayers to Vegas.”

In a separate tweet, he said, “This world is sick.”

“I think with country music that they’re all local artists for our listeners because they connect with them in such a way. They bond with their songs, they see them, it’s more of a fan based community because they take the time to meet with those fans, so they all feel connected in some way to these artists, and the people at these concerts because we’ve all, all of our listeners will go to these concerts, and been in that same atmosphere,” Wyatt said.

The Chattanooga Rugby Football Club was also in Nevada, playing the Las Vegas Irish Rugby Football Club.

Their coach, Jeff Bollig, released a statement to News 12 on Facebook, saying, “Thank you for checking on us. We appreciate it very much. Luckily, the 30 of us that traveled are all safe and accounted for. We will keep the victims and their loved ones in our minds and hearts and follow the story along with you.”

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