“Terrorizing Black Bodies” Ministers Call For Jim Hammond’s Resignation

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Local African American Pastors AND Ministers are demanding Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond step down.

Reverend Timothy Careathers of Westside Missionary Baptist Church says, “Your time is up Sheriff Hammond. We will not live in fear of you or the next black boy or girl who will suffer the injustices of those you control.”

He said those harsh for Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond this morning at a press conference.

The group rallied for Sheriff Hammond to resign and Deputy Sheriff’s Daniel Wilkey and Bobby Brewer to be fired over this dash cam video.

Sheriff Hammond says, “One of the dangers of video tape, there’s good and bad. Video tapes can help justice, they can also lead to false decisions on part of people. That is why I think that everybody in this present case, should set back, let the agencies that have the responsibility of looking at the footage, looking at the law,interviewing all the witnesses and coming to a determination Did we operate within the scope of training that we have for our officers or did we not?”

According to the group of ministers, this video of Myron Mitchell’s arrest is just the latest in a string of incidents involving Sheriff Hammond and his department improperly treating African Americans.

Reverend Timothy Careathers also says, “This most recent incident involving Mr. Mitchell only serves to verify the corrupt culture of the Sheriff’s department that is being encouraged in subtle ways by Sheriff Hammond.”

Sheriff Hammond says, “That there is an ongoing investigation of the incidents and both deputies are on administrative leave with pay. So when people just come in and demand that either I resign or that uh the officers be fired, I can’t let that sway my decision.”

The district attorney dropped all charges against Mitchell.

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