Testimony Continues in Kaylon Bailey Murder Trial

CHATTANOOGA ( WDEF ) – A 911 caller says, "I need an ambulance out here on Cambridge Drive. Someone’s been shot. I’m coming baby."

It’s never before heard audio of the night Kima Evans took several bullets to the upper half of his body.

He was sitting in a parked vehicle outside his family’s home on Cambridge Drive.

The 911 caller adds, "He’s shot everywhere."

It was a cold January night back in 2012, and the woman who called 911 apparently knew exactly who the shooter was.

According to the 911 caller, "Who shot him? I think some boy names Kaylon. Some boy named Kaylon shot him."

Kaylon Bailey now stands accused of murder.

During the first day of testimony, Kima’s mother told the jury on that her son actually identified Bailey as the killer before he slipped into a coma and died.

The 911 caller adds, "The guy who shot him, I don’t know where he went to. I can’t tell you."

911 tapes were not the only pieces of evidence presented at Bailey’s trial.

A duffle bag, cell phone, and a wig were also described in detail, but no gun or confession.

Deborah Mosley, the prosecution’s witness, says, "My neighbor next door called and said there’s a guy on your porch and he looks like he’s drunk."

Mosley says she spoke Bailey the night Kima was shot, but he did not sound drunk to her.

Mosley adds, "He as like, I don’t know what I done did. Can you just come get me."

Mosley told attorney’s that Bailey was emotional over a woman that day, but did not tie that to any sort of motive.

Now, as more witnesses are called Thursday, family members hope more answers will be brought to light.

Testimony will continue Thursday morning in Judge Rebecca Stern’s courtroom.

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