The Argument Against Cold Beer

(WDEF) – Why is there a National Beer Day?

April 7th was set aside to mark the passing of the bill in 1933 that allowed the sale of beer after prohibition.

Never mind that the bill actually passed in March.

So maybe this is the right day to debate the major beer issues of the day.

Like do they serve your beer too cold?

Fans of today’s craft beers argue that most bars do.

The experts tell us whether it comes from a professional tap or your own fridge, most beer pours at 38 degrees in the U.S.

Now that might be fine for your cold, mass-produced Bud.

But craft enthusiasts say 38 is too cold for a quality craft beer.

They say the chill saps the flavor.

Their ideal is 45 degrees, more for yeasty or hoppy beers.

And even up to 50 degrees for lambics or imperial stouts infused with flavors of oak, bourbon, chocolate, coffee or vanilla.

So how do you beat the temperature problems at your favorite bar?

Beer lover Josh Noel from the Chicago Tribune suggests ordering two, a basic American Laager that loves the cold.

Then a second craftier beer, that you let sit and warm up.

You can find his story on the debate in the links section.

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