The Chattahooligans Provide the Drum Beat for the CFC

Chattanooga-(WDEF) When you go to a CFC soccer game, it’s hard to miss the cowbell clanging, drum banging Chattahooligans. But they’re more than just the CFC’s loudest cheering section.

In a way, the Chattahooligans are ambassadors for the Scenic City.
Said Chattahooligan Ernie Dempsey,"People are like well, I really don’t like soccer. Okay, do you like parties."
Said Chattahooligan Beverley McDaris,"At this level of soccer, it’s unusual to have so many fans. That’s what we are. We’re normal people."
Said Chattahooligan Galen Riley,"The Chattanooga FC is an expression of civic pride."
Added Dempsey,"We love this city, and we’re proud of this city. We want the world to know about how great our city is."
Said Riley,"One of our most important traditions is we sing the Chattanooga Choo Choo at the 29th minute of the game because the Chattanooga Choo Choo shows up on Track 29."
Said Dempsey,"It’s all about being a real smart aleck in the moment."
Added Riley,"Like tonight, if we are still up, Conyers is about three hours away from us, we’ll sing you drove three hours just to lose. After a couple of cycles of that, we’ll sort of invite them to not just come to Chattanooga to lose, but experience the highlights of the Scenic City. They can see Rock City. They can eat a moon pie. They can surf the internet."
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