The Hamilton County Health Department begins administering Pfizer Booster Shots

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn (WDEF) – The Pfizer Covid -19 Booster shot is now available in Hamilton County. 

Last week the CDC approved Pfizer booster shots for everyone over the age of 65 and today is the first day the booster shot has been available to residents who fit the criteria-  but if you are wanting a booster- you’ll first need to make an appointment. 

“Those who are 65 and over can get the booster shot. There are also those with high-risk health issues. We have added 600 appointments to the schedule,” says Ezequiel Garcia, Communications for Health Department.

Booster appointments for this week have been filled up, but appointments for next week are now available. 

With the delta surge continuing to wreak havoc on our community, the health department says they are seeing an uptick in first-time vaccination appointments. 

“We are very focused on people getting the vaccine for the first time. It’s very important. They are being expedited through this process so they do not need an appointment. They can just come and show up and we will get them through as quickly as possible,” says Margret Zylstra, Site Manager at Riverpark. 

Are a booster shot and the third dose the same thing? The answer is no. A 3rd dose is administered at least one month after the 2nd dose series. A booster dose is intended for a specific segment of the population at least six months after their Pfizer 2nd dose series.

Since the Pfizer booster shot Is the only approved booster shot available right now, officials want to remind residents that you should not mix vaccinations. 

“The CDC recommends you stick to what you received at the first series. If you received Pfizer we ask that you continue with Pfizer for your booster shot. At this point, the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson have not been approved for a booster shot,” says Garcia. 

Residents who were in line for their booster shots tell News 12 about why they decided to get that extra protection. 

“We are so excited and very relieved. We’re doing this for safety and for other people’s health,” says Sissie and Bill.

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