The long road to freedom

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – A nationwide bicycle tour promoting awareness to human sex trafficking made a brief stop  in Chattanooga.

Sylvester Williams and Nathanial Erb are part of a group of cyclist who are on a mission to help victims of human sex trafficking. Their tour is called "The Long Road to Freedom."

It just so happens the two men stopped in Chattanooga on the same day the Chattanooga Coalition Against Human Trafficking held its public meeting.

"If guys are riding across the country to spread awareness on trafficking in the United States then anyone can spread awareness throughout their community," said Tory Hood of Second Life of Chattanooga.

Their tour started in Seattle and has taken them through many places where the two men have had the opportunity to meet sex trafficking victims.

"Largely you just hear stories of girls and boys who just don’t have a choice in life and they’re thrown into it," Erb said.

"Being  in that type of environment for so many years, even when you get out of it, you only know you go back to it when you get back on to the street or If you  live in some type of self-sufficient life," Williams said.

The tour has also taken the men to places where people are totally in the dark about human sex trafficking.

"When you say human trafficking; they’re like that’s here? So they’re surprised and it’s somewhat sad because you should at least know what’s going on around your community," Williams said.

In addition to raising awareness about human trafficking, the cyclists are also raising money to help build a shelter for trafficking victims in Philadelphia.

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