The Pursuit of Happiness providing therapy to those in need to help prevent future gun violence

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- A Chattanooga nonprofit is offering free counseling to those impacted by this week’s shootings.

“What if the kid who did the shooting, we could’ve met earlier at 5, 6, or 7 and we could’ve provided trauma informed care for these kids.”

The Pursuit of Happiness is a Chattanooga nonprofit that provides therapy to people in need. C.E.O. Michael Gordon says the organization is currently providing at home counseling to one of the females shot.

“Because of an individual donation, we are able to treat and do counseling for females.”

Many of the kids we work with are either near or in the situations so we bring together the village like mentality so they know that we’re here.

They said no one starts bad, it starts with trauma often dating back to childhood.

“The repeated acts of drama it impacts the bodies and brains of our kids.”

“If you guys are doing something he shouldn’t be doing we can trace it back to when he was in elementary school. There was something that was not fixed.”

If you feel your child is more aggravated, angry, or avoidant the pursuit of happiness want to meet with your child.

“Let us introduce you to our multidisciplinary team where we have outpatient therapist on staff so that we can complete the screener and we can tell you as a family what are the things that your child have gone through.”

Rogers said dads matter, a lot. If it’s not a father it can be a mentor like a father figure.

“When there’s no dad in the house a lot of times the kids’ struggle. If there’s an untreated mental illness where there’s something going on and nobody’s there to treat it and those are the types of kids at the pursuit of happiness needs to be able to reach.”

“For them to be their best selves the parents have to be their best selves siblings have to be their best self so we want to provide services for everyone to create a safe space and open up a lot of Communication I didn’t exist before we got involved.”

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