The worst speed traps in Alabama are along way from us

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (WDEF) – This is one list that we’re glad NOT to be on. has crunched the numbers and found the worst small towns writing tickets.

You have to do 3 things to make their list:

— stop far more people each year than live in your town

— get lots of federal grants for police overtime

— collect more fees than much larger cities do found 9 Alabama towns that are the worst offenders.

The worst is Hillsboro, which is part of “a veritable gantlet of speed traps between Huntsville and Muscle Shoals.”

The town has 407 people and collected $253,183 in traffic violations.

That’s more than $600 per resident.

The Police Chief tells he doesn’t tell his officers to write tickets.

The 3 worst speed traps are all within 15 miles of each other in northwest Alabama, along Highway on Highway 20.

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