A Third of COVID-19 Survivors Suffer Neurological or Mental Health Conditions

(CBS News) – A new study reveals that a third of COVID-19 patients suffer from long term neurological or psychological conditions.

Data from over 236,000 patients who had been diagnosed with COVID-19 found that 34% of them had developed neurological or psychological condition within six months of infection.

The study group was compared with those who had been dianosed with influenza and any other respiratory tract infection. Researchers looked at 14 neurological and mental health disorders in total.

The findings published in the Lancet Journal is the largest study to date on the connection between coronavirus and brain health.

The most common diagnoses after having the coronavirus were anxiety disorders, mood disorders, substance misuse disorders, and insomnia.

“These are real-world data from a large number of patients. They confirm the high rates of psychiatric diagnoses after COVID-19 and show that serious disorders affecting the nervous system (such as stroke and dementia) occur too,” lead author Paul Harrison said in a statement Wednesday. “While the latter are much rarer, they are significant, especially in those who had severe COVID-19.”

It was the first recorded symptoms of neurological or psychological conditions for 13% of the patients.

Source: CBS News

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