Three North Florida people arrested for drug trafficking in Hamilton County

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tennessee(WDEF) – A traffic stop along I-75 leads to the discovery of an alleged drug trafficking operation between North Florida and Kentucky.

According to the arrest affidavit, it all started when two Hamilton County sheriff deputies pulled over a jeep Liberty on Northbound I-75 between the Volkswagen Drive and the Ooltewah exits. The vehicle was clocked five miles over the speed limit.

Red flags were raised when the driver, identified as Micheal Carl, 37, of Live Oak Florida started shaking his hands while the deputy was talking to him. The deputy then asked a passenger identified as Desiree Albritton, 30, of Live Oak Florida for the vehicle registration since she owned the car.

When she opened the glove box to retrieve the registration, the deputy reportedly observed a plastic bag full of pills. When the deputy asked about the pills, Albritton reportedly told him they were antibiotics that belonged to a third passenger identified as Andrea Locicero, 44, of Live Oak Florida.

Locicero reportedly told the deputy the antibiotics were given to her from a friend.

According to the arrest report, the antibiotics were identified as Clindamycin Hydrochloride which is only available through a prescription. Based on illegal possession of narcotics, the deputy had probable cause to search the vehicle.

During the search, the deputy reportedly found twelve bags with methamphetamines on the front passenger floorboard. A further search of the vehicle turned up drug paraphernalia including drug straws and a scale with drug residue on it.

When deputies searched the rest of the car, they found a larger bag of methamphetamines, materials used to manufacture meth, heroin, marijuana and 67 syringes.

Albritton told the deputy that she knew the drugs were in the vehicle but that they belonged to Carl and Locicero. She told the deputy she was paid to drive Locicero and Carl along with the drugs from Florida to Kentucky.

All three people were charged with criminal conspiracy along with possession of  multiple drugs for resale. A judge set bonds for Albritton and Locicero at $160,00.

Carl’s Bond was set at $210,000. According to deputies, Carl was also in possession of $188 in small denominations which is consistent with the sale and delivery of narcotics with no legal proof of where the money came from.

According to Florida court records, Andrea Locicero was arrested two years ago in Columbia County Florida for possession of drug equipment.

As a result of the drug bust, the 2007 Jeep Liberty they were traveling in was seized under the Tennessee Asset Forfeiture Law.

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