Three Weekend Shootings in Hamilton County & Chattanooga

Three shootings occurred over the weekend in Hamilton County and Chattanooga.

This comes after Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly announced a public health crisis over gun violence earlier this month.

“What is the root issue, where did this come from? Is it revenge, are you acting out because of a perceived slight from somebody that put towards you? Until you resolve that in your heart, you’re going t o continue to perpetuate, and it’s going to be an ugly cycle,” says Dr. McNabb.

Dr. McNabb, CEO and president of Adult Teen Challenge Mid South says to him, there is an increase in gun violence not just here but everywhere.

“It’s not the drugs or the guns, it’s the heart of the individuals and the outlook they see on life. Their own perspective, their own sense of hopelessness if you will, that causes them to push that boundary and go to a place they shouldn’t go,” continues Dr. McNabb.

All victims suffered NON life-threatening injuries this weekend.

One of the shootings happened at North Kelly Street late Sunday night.

Another happened on North Germantown road just shortly after.

The shootings were all separate incidents, but has Pastor William Terry Ladd III concerned over the spike of violence.

“What we’re getting from the police officer’s reports, I think it’s definitely mental health related. When you haven’t been around people in a long time,” continues the Pastor.

“If you’ve been a victim or someone you love has been a victim of a violent act or addiction or it’s just something that’s apart of your personal, family culture or neighborhood culture or whatever, we believe there is a place to start over,” says Dr. McNabb.

Chattanooga Police are investigating the two shootings.

If you have any information contact CPD.

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