Through Irish Eyes: Hip Hop Dancing

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-We have come here to moving forward dance studio off Glass Street in Chattanooga and express oneself through dance.

Dancers of all ages come to learn from Chris Flash Shaw a triple threat as choreographer, actor and model whom i had watched on Youtube.

He gave me some advice before we took to the floor one on one.

"Walk on the beat almost like, feels robotic, that’s the main thing, you want your audience to feel whatever your feeling"

We learned to bounce, slow-mo and everything in between.
        I felt i brought a certain Unique Irish Ryder Cup Edge to the table by playing golf and looking throw a telescope.
        In reality i was awful, Chris is a teacher not a miracle worker but he believed in me.
        He also showed me how to warm up.

I got scared when the class began so went to chat with other dance teachers  about Hip Hopping and dropping it and popping it low and lower once again.

"It shows them that this is something I enjoy, its something i’m great at and if they have emotions inside it allows them to release those emotions" added teacher and Zumba instructor Rachel Ard.

"Not having to imitate exact movements but to get the feel and the flavor you will learn some new techniques but no two people are exactly alike and no two people can dance exactly alike" says Rebekah Mawuko director of  Moving Forward Dance Studio.

Ellis Hatchett a former for the Chicago Bulls encouraged  me to keep practicing.

"Its my love its my passion so any time I can do it I want to do it or where, i just want to and i want to share it with other people"

I did not feel alone as not everyone had a hip hop background.

"For a ballet trained person coming to hip hop is for someone to go out into a world they are not used to so everyone should come and just listen to their body" said one local dancer.

I decided after an hour of being tired hungry and confused that these were signs that I would never become the next Justin Timberlake or Usher.

But learned that dance is an amazing way to keep children off the streets, keep them healthy and fit and give them a chance to work as a team in a positive way.

For more information on classes or how to get involved in hip hop dancing in Chattanooga check out the following links.

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