Comm. Tim Boyd calls CVB budget “bad government”

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Hamilton county budget for fiscal 2019 won overwhelming approval at the county commission meeting this morning.

That was no surprise since it was thoroughly discussed over the past three months…but not all commissioners agreed.

The Hamilton County Commission passed its $754,000,000 budget for 2019.

But one commissioner still had issues with funding for the county Convention and visitors bureau.

Commissioner Tim Boyd from East Ridge renewed his complaints about the 8-million dollar annual cost of the CVB…without the line item accountability he has demanded for more than 2 years.

He offered a resolution to withhold all C-V-B funding until the agency provides commissioners with a line-item budget.

“THIS is bad government. I cannot support the actions of the CVB any longer. Will not support it..”

Before the final vote the angry Boyd tried to amend a separate resolution making appropriations to local civic and charitable groups…

“My amendment is to hold the 700-thousand check to CVB until we get a budget that conforms with the minimal requirements that we demand of our county department heads.”

Boyd’s motion died for lack of second.

For its part…the C-V-B points to an estimated billion dollars a year in tourist spending it brings into the county.

After the budget passed…the mayor and other commissioners were happy with the way the money is being used.

County Mayor Jim Coppinger said “Primarily that we’re able to put more money into public education and also the fact that we’re able to have some quality of life –we’re able to do that through the infrastructure. We’ll be able to make through this budget as well as in the public safety…SRO’s.”

Commissioner Joe Graham echoed those comments.

“It’s a really good budget. We’re going to help going to be able to really help the schools. We’re going to be able to help the sheriff’s department. More importantly we’re going to keep our children safe and it’s a balanced budget. It’s a tough budget, but its a good budget.”

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