Getting Started on a Healthy Lifestyle

Follow these tips to help you get started on a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Hydration should be half the body weight in ounces.
  2. Eat your fruits and veggies rather then juicing them.
  3. Start with small goals; take baby steps. Choose to exercise 2 days a week. When that becomes a habit, add to it and set another healthy goal. Keep moving! Mobility, mobility!
  4. Remember one bad choice a day adds up to a lot in a month!
  5. Try one new healthy recipe every week!
  6. Try something new. A new exercise, a new food, a new dance, a new hobby.
  7. Read the values/numbers on preferred food choices and try to find similar products with less sugar, sodium, and etc.
  8. Write your goals down any and everywhere… say them out loud to the people that’ll hold you accountable. If your fitness goals are a secret then it’s easy to sweep them under a rug.
  9. Get out of your head. Your head will lie to you. When cravings hit, analyze your thoughts and why. Think through the process and don’t give in. Same with exercise; when your mind tells you, you’re too tired, redirect your thoughts! When your mind tells you can’t do another minute, mike or rep, show your mind what your body can do!
  10. Plan your week! Budget. No successful business runs without a budget and a plan. It doesn’t happen by accident and neither should our lifestyle! Plan your meals, exercise, fun times, and even rest! Set an appointment with yourself and stick to it!

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