Tips on keeping your plants safe during the freeze warning

HIXSON, Tennessee- A freeze warning is in effect tonight and with that, a local Garden Center shows how it’s keeping its plants safe and how you can too.

Well in here there’s no problem. We have heat, we have doors, we just have to shut the doors turn on the heat and everything’s fine. As long as we’ve got power and gas we’re good.

Greenhouses will keep your plants safe from the cold temperatures, but since most people don’t have a greenhouse, plants outside are in trouble in not properly protected.

Outside a different story. A late frost a late freeze is very damaging to plants outside that have new growth, Flowers.

There are several things you can do to protect your plants such as bring them inside.

Any type of this material that’s out of a greenhouse. An annual primarily that you might’ve put in the ground or in a pot, tomato plants things like that are not going to be able to withstand 30 or 31°.

If the plants can’t be brought inside he recommends covering them with cloth, not plastic.

You’re better off with a soft covering such as a cloth of some sort rather than plastic. Plastic can collect moisture underneath and cause about as much damage as not covering.

Now if you’ve already planted your plants it’s a little too late for this piece of advice but something to keep in mind for the future maybe wait a few more weeks.

Usually, April 15 is a much better target date to start planning. It warmed up and people were anxious and they started planting, which they always do.

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