Tips on Staying Healthy During the Holiday Seasons

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – A recent in-depth analysis of 2015’s Fattest States in America, done by the personal finance website WalletHub, ranks Tennessee the 4th Fattest state on the list.

"I mean the numbers keep going up," said registered dietician, Pam Kelle, "And it’s a trend that’s happening nationwide. It’s not just Tennessee." According to Kelle, weight is a common problem for Americans, and starts first with our lifestyles and eating habits.

In fact, Tennessee was also ranked 2nd in the highest percentage of residence who are physically inactive, "That’s one real important step," said Kelle, "Increasing exercise, and it’s to our advantage that we live here in Chattanooga."

And with Thanksgiving just weeks away, it’s even more difficult to stay in shape, "You know, here’s the thing, you’re gonna have splurge days," said Dr. Shawn Jones, Director of Chattanooga Wellness, "There’s Christmas, Thanksgiving look you’re gonna have days where it’s okay. Pick a day and go wild that day, fine, but then get back on the wagon. When you fall off of the horse, you get back on."

Doctors urge everyone to stay active, especially during the holiday season, exercise moderately and consistently at least four times a week. Also, watching what you eat by avoiding starches and sugars, while focusing on salads vegetables and meats, can make a huge difference in a person’s weight and health.

To read more on WalletHub’s 2015’s Fattest States in America article click here.

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